The Rest of Summer

Heatwave over, now for the rest of the summer!

Over the past few weeks the heat has been fairly unbearable. The sleepless nights and endless heat throughout the day has been tough. These are also things that can affect your pup, we need to be heat aware and prepared for the rest of the Summer. Our beagle Fred has struggled, he really doesn’t agree with the heat. To help we have changed his routine to ensure that he remains a happy pooch.

Try to avoid walking around the streets, the concrete can become particularly hot and can often lack the needed shade.

There are small daily alterations that you can make to help your pup of dog have a better, cooler and more enjoyable summer. Let’s have a look at some!

First of all you can get up that little bit earlier and take them for walkies before the direct sun. Later at night could also be an option. Although, this heatwave has been a weird one, temperatures have peeked near Dinner time. Try to avoid walking around the streets, the concrete can become particularly hot and can often lack the needed shade. Try a forest walk as the ground will be cooler and the trees will help protect from them from the sun. Be sure to take plenty of water for you and your pup and try to give them water little and often.

A good way to cool your pup down quick is to run a cool shower over them, make sure the body is covered. Pay particular attention to the back of their head and neck. Also, make sure that they drink plenty of water, you can always add a pinch of salt. Just a tad will help add some much needed minerals back into your pooch.

We all know our pooches and their usual or occasionally unusual behaviours, but just incase, these are some warning signs; excessive panting, distress, excess saliva and bluey-purple or bright red gums.

If their temperature is over 40° or you are concerned in any way don’t chance it, please see a vet immediately! Heat stroke is serious and can unfortunately be fatal.

Fred ‘the Boss’ Beagle has rated some cool products to get your puppy summer ready ?

Cool Mat, £6.00-£30.00

These are a simple but effective way to help keep your pup cool, they are portable and easy to clean. Just place them over their bed or in their favourite spot.

Fred’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

AFP Chill Out Ice Bone, £6.50 – £9.99

These are simply soaked into water then placed in the freezer. Once frozen, your pup will have hours of fun whilst staying cool.

Fred’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

HOWND Playful Pup Balm With Sun Protection, £10.00

This balm is designed to protect their delicate areas all year round. It’s particularly good for the heat. This balm offers protection, moisture and soothing. During the summer it can be use on outer ears, snouts and other exposed skin, giving UVA and UVB protection.

Fred’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Please note: All images, logos and products belong to their respective owners, Scrufflo does not have any affiliation with any of the brands mentioned – we just know good products when we see them!

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