Fun in The Sun

Get Outside – Having Sun Fun

This post is the next in our Summer Care series. You can catch up with the previous post here: The Rest of Summer

By now, we know the precautions to take to ensure the safety of our pup during the summer months. With that in mind, we can now all have some fun!

Planning on a day trip eh? The UK has some of the best beaches, they’re a great place to take the pooch to unwind. I remember the first beach trip we took Fred on, let’s just say he is not a fan of the sea’s waves. We still had a super fun day at Borth Beach, Wales!

Beach your thing?

There’s something great about going to the beach with your pup (and indeed Dog, once they’re grown). Perhaps it’s the sand between their little toe beans or the wind rustling through their ears they just seem to love it!

Here are a couple of cool dog friendly beaches that are definitely worth a visit:

Sandymouth, Cornwall

At this beautiful beach in North Cornwall there is sufficient parking and lots of fun-filled coastal walks. A great place for a long leisurely walk or simply a fun-filled day playing on the beach.

Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire

Another awesome beach! Located in Bournemouth, Milford-on-sea is a truly beautiful location. With dogs welcome all year round, surrounded by low cliffs backing onto a nature reserve. Great for a mini adventure.

Beach your thing?

Now we have a location, we need to be prepared for our mini adventure.

Puppy pack list:

  • Poop bags- Take plenty! We all know one isn’t enough!
  • Plenty of water- Staying hydrated is a must, sea water isn’t a good source of hydration.
  • Yummy treats- We may need to bribe our pup every now and then. The fun and experience can sometimes overcome them. Better to be prepared.
  • Maybe a light snack- All that activity can make our puppies peckish.
  • A towel to dry off after all the water sports. No-one likes a soggy car.
  • Obviously beach toys are a must – Fun, fun, fun.
Oooh beach toys you say?!

Taking toys with your pup to the beach will make it so much more fun, perhaps you could try:

Kong wet wubba dog toy

Great one for those pups who love to play fetch. Being brightly coloured means that they won’t be easily lost in the waves or on the beach.

Rosewood Rubber Frisbee

A Fred favourite. He loved playing with this on the beach.

Slightly off topic, but this toy is ace. Fred can be destructive when it comes to toy but this has lasted him since he was a pup.

Here’s Fred show us how much of big, strong, alpha male he is…

Ha! Jokes… He is scared of flies, curtains and the odd shadow – even his own!

Keeping Travel Safe

Travelling can sometimes be a stressful time for those anxious pups out there. Before you take the plunge, maybe try some shorter journeys in a familiar place to start with.

Just be sure not to leave them in a car during warm weathers!

We are lucky, Fred loves a good car ride. As soon as his seatbelt is clicked in, enter Mr Serious.

Keep in mind folks, If you travel with your puppy without a seatbelt or other type of safety method, you will be breaking the law and putting your pooch in danger. Be sure to travel safely!

Against the paw!

Drivers are responsible for making sure dogs (or other animals) are suitably restrained in a vehicle so they can’t distract or injure you – or themselves – during an emergency stop.

Nowhere near a beach?

Maybe the beach is too far, or you fancy a change. We are lucky to have such beautiful dog friendly spots on the UK, the National Trust have great places;

You could try some forest walks, or a day out in an old town. Either way, you can be sure to have a fun filled day, pups invited!

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