A scrufflo story

Daunting, isn’t it? Caring for a pup for the first time. There’s so much (usually conflicting) advice, so many products and so many brands.

And even if you’re a seasoned puppy owner, it’s hard to keep up with the exciting new brands and advice constantly popping up. 

Our aim is simple – Make raising a puppy easier for everyone.

By helping you to discover the top brands, products and training advice based on the age of your pup, it enables you to focus on creating the happiest of memories with them.

How it began…

On 11th January, 2016 we welcomed a beagle pup into our home and we found ourselves caught short and inexperienced on many fronts.

Having both grew up in animal heavy families, with dogs of various breeds all our lives (not to mention horses, cats, rats, snakes, ferrets, hamsters and a budgie or two) we thought it would be easy.

However, when it was time to start with our own clean slate of a puppy we felt the full weight of what each and every choice we made had on the development of our new pup.

Very quickly, it became clear there was so much choice in all areas of puppyhood. From which types of treats to use, to the ever conflicting “Best way to train your pup to…” guides.

So, having come from relatively pet-savvy backgrounds, we figured this must be a wider problem that we can try our best to solve and help new and even fully experienced puppy owners develop their puppies into wonderful companions.

Who is ‘we’?

Based in the midlands, Scrufflo is owned and run by us, Mike and Zoe and of course our now fully grown first child Beagle, Fred. We can safely say Fred is an awesome quality control manager who is ALWAYS keen to lend a paw!

Once again, our aim is simple – to make raising a puppy simpler and more enjoyable for everyone.