Gift a box

Someone got a new puppy? It’s thrilling for sure but it can leave the new pup-parents daunted and confused.

No subscription necessary, order a Scrufflo box that is filled with the things puppies love!

Note: Gift boxes do not contain age specific training guides or age specific items – they’re only available with our monthly plans.

Order a Gift Box

What’s Inside?

Unlike our subscription plans, our gift boxes stay the same. This allows us to tell you exactly what your gift box will include to avoid any nasty surprises.

Plush Toy

One of these 3 gorgeous and well made Danish Design plush toys.

Puzzle Toy

Fill this Kong Quest toy with the pup’s favourite treat to encourage natural foraging.

Natural Treats

Healthy, wheat free treats that use only natural ingredients and are free from nasties.

Artisanal Treats

Handmade treats from the heart of the UK with only 9 natural and organic ingredients.

Emergency Wipes

For those emergency clean up operations. Alchohol and Paraben free with refreshing orangey scent.

Poop Bags

2 rolls of premium extra thick poop bags to help stay a responsible pup owner!

Personalised Blanket

Give the pup something with their name on and they’ll love you even more (probably…).

Tips & Tricks

Curated by ourselves using the latest and greatest knowledge featuring all the need-to-know pup tips and tricks to suit any age puppy.

They’ll love it!

So what are you waiting for? The pup will love it, the pup-parents will love it and it will make the special four-legged friend feel all loved.

Order a Gift Box